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To us, transportation is so much more than here to there.

Transportation is access to opportunity for new employment, affordable housing, greater culture, higher education, better healthcare and so much more. Those are the elements of community development that lead to social and economic prosperity, and it is the equity of this prosperity that Glydways is dedicated to.



Passengers per hour



OpEx ($/Passenger/Mile)



Less CapEx per Mile

Glydways Mesh Network Transit System

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Glydways has low upfront costs, a fraction of other traditional mass transit systems, and is designed to operate profitably at existing mass transit fares.

Smaller Infrastructure Footprint

Efficient by design, the Glydways system, with 5’ lanes, has a small physical and environmental footprint and boasts zero greenhouse gas emissions.

On-Demand Anytime Rides

We provide more access with more access points and 24/7 rides on your schedule.

Personal Rides

Glydways offers a personal, private car experience at public transportation fares.

Modular Mesh Network

The Glydways System is modular and designed to be expanded to create a mesh network that provides access throughout a city.

Higher Rider Capacity

Glydways can move 10,800 people per hour per 1.5 meter wide lane. That’s a 5-lane highway in a bike-lane-sized lane.


Stops to Destination


  • Emissions
  • Stops to Destination
  • Passengers

The Glydcar is a personal vehicle designed for public transportation. Glydcars autonomously move in dedicated lanes, carrying up to 4 passengers directly to their destination with no stops.

Glydcars are designed for passengers with space for all of the things passengers need, like bikes and luggage, without wasted space for things like trunks and hoods. Because we are building for every citizen, Glydcars are fully ADA compliant, with room to comfortably ride with a wheelchair.

With Continuous Flow technology, Glydcars never need to stop until it gets to your destination. On average you can get to your destination in one third the time of alternatives.

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A new era.

If it’s your job to plan, manage, or improve public transportation, Glydways is here to help.

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