Our purpose at Glydways is "to better lives and communities with better transportation" and we know how to get there.




At Glydways we love public transportation but also realize that public transportation could be way better.

Public transportation shouldn’t be a solution that some people have to use. Rather, we are building a solution that everyone wants to use because it is the best passenger experience. Our truths are the following: providing the best passenger experience, at the greatest capacity, for the lowest cost and the lowest carbon footprint. If we live up to these truths, we will push our society and planet forward.

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Our Team

Mark Seeger

Founder, CEO

Gokul Hemmady

President, CFO

Keith Flynn

Chief of Engineering

Zachary Zeliff

Chief Business Development Officer

Join our revolution in transportation.

Based in California, USA, the Glydways team is continuously striving to make better transportation possible for everyone, everywhere. Come work with us to provide access to mobility for the 100%.

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