Beat Traffic with Dynamic Mass Transit

Your time is too precious to waste in traffic.
We simplify your commute.

97 hrs.

Lost by U.S. drivers due to traffic in 2018.


Wasted by U.S. drivers on fuel and time in traffic in 2018.


U.S. commuters use transit to get to work.

Statistics from INRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard

  • A more personalized commute

    Grab a window seat in your personal commuting car! Glydcars offer every rider a fast, relaxed, and productive commute.

  • The future of mass transit

    Every car in the system is orchestrated to move from destination to destination without stopping. Say goodbye to traffic jams.

  • Keeping you safe from start to finish

    Ready when you are, your personal and secure ride ensures you a safe and dependable ride every time.

Changing the way we commute, together.

Everyone will benefit from a safer, faster, and more enjoyable commute. We are taking on the challenge to make this happen.